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Advertising your services with us will get you more clients than just advertising on a few website.
Extensive Internet advertising can only be achieved when you have the best platform to advertise your services.
We receive Millions of visitors across our directories and websites, which will benefit you personally.
You will receive more customers by combining your advertisement with us.
Your banner can be displayed globally in all major cities on hundreds of websites.
You will receive more regular bookings and returning customers for your service.

Anyone who is in your city today or planning to visiting your city, will see your advertisement and book an appointment for your service.

Apart from our popular directories, we also have hundreds of "key search" city name domain websites.
We offer the possibility to have your advertisement seen on hundreds of websites in your field of business.

We have thousands of advertiser spread across our network, enjoying and receiving a steady flow of customers everyday for their service.


The average booking appointments our advertisers receive a day on our network is approximately 6 to 11+

Receive 6 booking appointments or visits a day to your establishment
x 100 Euro (spending 100 Euro) / 180 bookings = 18.000 Euro per month.

Reach more quality customers by advertising on our network.

How does the directory banner work

Banner Size: 250 x 250 pixels.
Placed in the city section/front page of the directory website.
Linked to your website or personal profile page.

What are network banners?

Network Banners are displayed on all Directory pages and all Key Search websites in every major city.
Network Banners increase visitors and booking appointments.
We offer 5 different advertisement positions and sizes.

I'm a Independent service provider, will PleasureMedia make me my profile page?

Yes, we will make you a personal profile page for your advertisement.