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About Us

About Us

Specialists advertising provider in the erotic service market.


Supply you with our own network of hundreds of erotic websites in your field of business. Erotic Massage, Escorts, Sauna Clubs. Strip Clubs and Sex Clubs.


Advertising your services with us will get you more customers for your business than just advertising on one directory or website online.


You will receive more regular bookings and returning customers for your service. Plus a large increase of visitors if you have are operating your own website.

  1. Your Advertisement

    Your priorities are getting people to know all about your business and services your offer.
    Extensive Internet advertising can only be achieved when you have the best platform to advertise your services.

  2. Your Advertisement

    Within our network you will not only receive business when someone searches for your service in a designated city across our websites, but also from our worldwide banner system.

  3. Your Advertisement

    Massage Salons, Masseuses, Escorts, and Clubs with many employees listed on their websites,
    will benefit from worldwide advertising.

  4. Your Advertisement

    Independent escorts and masseuses who are resident in their own country, but are planning to tour in another,- will find advertising with us an excellent solution for informing potential clients.

  5. Your Advertisement

    We offer package prices to provide you with the best exposure
    and promotion of your service!

  6. Your Advertisement

    It's very easy to start advertising with us and our friendly sales team generally process all new advertisement orders within a few hours.

hundreds of key Search Websites

Hundreds of key Search Websites

Your Advertisement will be Networked on hundreds of our own key search websites, to deliver you more customers.


You should advertise with us for these reasons.
1/. Instead of just paying to advertise on one website, you have the possibility at the fraction of the price to have your advertisement seen on hundreds of websites in your field of business.
2/. Anyone who is in your city today or visiting your city anytime soon, will see your advertisement.
3/. If your just relying on the ever changing search engine results from Google.com, Yahoo.com and Bing.com for your current business, then think again.
Your ad position will change with every search extension. IE. .com. .fr. de. .co.uk and every time they update their algorithms. Our domain names and direct Traffic is our major success for our business, even though our websites rank high on the search engines.
4/. For the last 10 years we have concentrated on building up a network of websites, people will always come to and can find you through our network.
5/. Apart from our popular directories, we also have hundreds of "key search" city name domain websites, which people visit everyday.

For example you receive 1,000 visitors to your website coming from our Erotic Advertising Network in 1 month.
How much money you will make?

1% return and your average charge to your customer is 100 Euro. Then it calulates to 10 bookings for the month = 1.000 Euro.
100 bookings @3 bookings a day 10% = 10,000 Euro.
If you have a solid working good designed website, and offer exceptional service in your field of business, then talk to us as we want to know about you.
We can help you reach more quality customers who are using our network to book services through your website.
PLEASE NOTE: We do not accept everyone who would like to advertise.

We don't have thousands of advertisers cramed into one website, on page after page competing and hoping they will receive customers.
Neither do we have websites with so many people competing for the same business.
What we do have is thousands of advertiser spread across our network, enjoying and receiving a steady flow of customers for their service.

Yes. We will make you a profile page (example) for your advertisement.

You may send or we can make you a banner advertisement. Size: 250x250 pixels.
This will be placed in the city section of the directory and can also be shown on the front page of the directory website.
This will link to your website or profile page.

Network Banners are displayed on all Directory pages and all Key Search websites in every major city around the world.
We offer different formats and ad positions on the pages for your advertisement, which your find below in the "network banner" section.
This will link to your website or profile page.

Ad feeds are an additional feature, which display your Banner and information on all Key Search websites.

Simply fill in the contact form with your inquiry, and we will respond accordingly.

Premium Packages

Premium Packages

Your advertisement displayed on more websites on our network.

Directory Banners

Directory Banners

Directory Banners are displayed on your chosen Directory website, but also show on all our websites worldwide
if purchasing a Premium Package.

Network Banners

Network Banners

You might consider adding a Network banner for your website or profile to drive even more traffic to your service.
Network Banners are displayed on all websites/pages and countries on our Network.

Directory Banner Requirements

Directory Banner Requirements

Just email us your Banner or photos with a description about your services
and we will take care of the rest. We can even help with designing your banner.

adultx profile page

Adult campaigns

Adult campaigns

Are you running adult campaigns and are requiring High volumes of targeted traffic?
Email us for our rates of CPM and Tab Pops.



WE'RE A FRIENDLY sales TEAM and generally process all new advertisement orders within a few hours.

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+44 20 8144 0488 (United Kingdom)
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